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Maria Buchinger Foundation Award


The award is granted to researchers by the Maria Buchinger Foundation every two years for scientific documentation on the topic of fasting.

2015 – Maria Buchinger Foundation Award to Dr. Heinz Fahrner and Dr. Hellmut Lützner, Überlingen.

The Maria Buchinger Foundation had the pleasure of presenting their annual award this year to two fasting pioneers: Dr. Heinz Fahrner and Dr. Hellmut Lützner from Überlingen.

Dr. Heinz Fahrner was head physician of Buchinger Wilhelmi and the follower of Dr. Otto Buchinger until 1989. Dr. Hellmut Lützner was physician at the Buchinger Wilhelmi Clinic from 1961-1973 and afterwards head physician of the Kurpark-Klinik in Überlingen. Both published various scientific studies and books about therapeutic fasting.

The award ceremony took place on 27th June 2015 at the International Congress “Fasten 2.0” presented by the Medical Society for Fasting and Nutrition (ÄGHE) in conjunction with the Buchinger Wilhelmi Clinic and the Kurpark Clinic in Überlingen.

(Information: www.aeghe.de and www.fasten.tv)

2011 – Award presented to Prof. Christine Uhlemann

On 25 June 2011, the first Maria Buchinger Foundation Award was presented posthumously to Prof. Dr. Christine Uhlemann from the Competence Centre for Naturopathy at the University of Jena for her work “Uncontrolled clinical study on the effectiveness of ambulant therapeutic fasting for patients with arthrosis”. The award endowed with € 5000 was presented on her behalf to Dr. Sebastian Schmidt und Katrin Stoy, the two authors of the research and students of Prof. Uhlemann.

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